Among the many philanthropists of Kerala, Sri.C.R.Kesavan Vaidyar occupies a position of prestige. Sri.C.R.Kesavan vaidyar was a true disciple of Sree Narayana Guru, a great social reformer of Kerala. Greatly inspired by Sree Narayana Guru's philosophy of universal brotherhood, Sri.Vaidyar set out on the momentous tasks of social upliftment of the down trodden and the poor. His vision to reform the society and awareness of Sree Narayana Guru's principle- "freedom through knowledge"- culminated in the birth of Chandrika Educational Trust. Realizing the need of teachers to mould the new generation, the trust initially established a Teachers Training Institute on 21/4/1963.  
  The foundation stone for Teachers Training Institute was laid by Sri.Kesavan Vaidyar's wife, Smt.Karthyayani Amma. The Chandrika Educational Trust follows the lofty ideals of imparting value based education to common man, awarding scholarships to needy deserving students and encouraging the overall development of an individual's personality by conducting seminars, discourses and discussions on many issues.  
  Realizing that a Library is an integral unit of education, S.N.Public Library was established. The foundation stone for the Library was laid by Sri.V.V.Giri, the then President of India on 8th February 1969. It was inaugurated by Sri.V.Viswanathan, Governer of Kerala on 28th October 1972. The Library is a treasure house of innumerable reference books, journals, news papers related to all spheres of life and fields of knowledge. Free access to knowledge is ensured through this majestic portal of learning. "The Matha Maitree Nilayam"- (House of communal harmony) is situated in the precincts of library. Its foundation stone was laid by Sri.V.Balakrishnan Eradi, the Hon. Supreme Court Judge on 23rd August 1986. It was formally inaugurated by Sri.K.Karunakaran, the then Chief Minister of Kerala on 26-4-1993. The majestic landmark has been a mute witness to many discourses, celebrations and orations.  
  The Chandrika Educational Trust diversified, imparting value based education and jobs to the layman, with the establishment of S.N. Lower Primary and upper Primary School at Kattungachira in the Irinjalakuda Municipality. The foundation stone for the High school was laid by the then reigning star, Gemini Ganesan of Tamil film industry. Sri.Panampilly Govindamenon, a close confidant of Sri.Vidyar formally inaugurated the High school on October 1966.  
  The school is situated in a lush, quiet environment, far from the noise and bustle of the near by town. Its sprawling campus is spread around a vast area (approximately five acres) with an ideal ambience, conducive to learning. Its vast well planned spacious grounds, dotted with trees is a treat to the beholder. It has been the alma mater of thousands of students in the course of many years. With setting up of Higher Secondary course in 1991, S N School is imparting higher secondary education in Science to about 300 students. A team of dedicated teachers and staff are fully involved in moulding the future generations of India through both curricular and co-curricular avenues.